Man Arguing With His Goat; Baby Goat Adorably Talks Back

If you are a pet lover or you have taken care of animals, sure you have done talking to them. Talking to them is sure to be a fun much experience as they can also understand you at the level of their own understanding. When you are mad at them, they can naturally feel it and they tend to hide or show that they are afraid of you. When you are happy, they excitedly greet you and make sounds as if they are telling you something. They also have this level of intellect that makes them capable of loving and feeling you by the power of their extraordinary senses.

If you want to see how intelligent an animal could be, you should better be watching this funny video of a man arguing with his baby goat.

In the video, the goat is trying to command the man while it is eating grass. The baby goat seems telling something to the man but the man refuses. “No! I won’t.” he answers. “No! You do it.” he says to the baby goat as if the goat is commanding him something. His baby goat is behind him at the level of his shoulder, close to his face. The goat is also looking at him seriously and makes a noisy sound again as if it is talking back to the man, begging him to do it. “Yeah, no matter how many times you ask. I won’t take the trash out.” the man answers back.

The baby goat suddenly jumps at his back, trying to argue back with the man. The people behind the video are laughing out loud at what the goat is doing. The man talking to the goat is also laughing at what he is doing then jokingly says to the goat, “Bro! You wanna fight? Yeah?”. The audience at the back of the video is laughing out loud at their scene.

“Yeah, alright. Let’s do it.” jokingly says again to the baby goat.
Then the baby goat answers back with a shorter voice while the man replies, “It’s not worth it. It’s not worth it. Yes, it’s were not. “Then the video ends when the baby goat blows a whip of its loud voice with its tongue out when the man says lovingly “Do you wanna kiss?”.

You can see the man in the video making a funny scenario with his baby goat. But surely, the act he has shown does not mean to offend the animal or someone. In fact, they have shown an extra ordinary bond with his baby goat. You can see that he is pretty close to his baby goat and it is comfortably interacting with him. The baby goat looks well and healthy with a pleasant environment at the background. A nice place for goats to strongly grow and live.

We also have fun experiences with our loving pets and animals. We always make sure that they always have good memories while they are with us because we know that they do not have a long life span just like humans. They are mean to us if we are also terrible to them. They may be just animals for others but they also deserve the love and care just like us. Without them, the world will be incomplete.

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