Isang Lalaki Tumalon Sa Whirlpool Para Malaman Kung Ano Ang Nasa Loob Nito

There's so much amazing stuff in the world that sometimes overwhelms us. There are some events that are slightly difficult to believe in and demand thorough research to completely understand it. Sometimes, many tests take place just to determine and define something.

As this curious photographer desired to understand what is actually going on inside a whirlpool, he chose to swim near to it, bring his camera with him.

The whirlpool is a quickly rotating mass of water in a river or sea into which objects may be drawn, typically caused by the convergence of conflicting currents. This is also serious, even for the expert swimmers. Often we are scared of this rise of water because we believe we will not be saved when we are in it.

This man named Jacob Cockle, a British photographer who rocketed to fame because of his video, emphasizing several underwater exercises in different places.

But Jacob became more famous after his video goes viral online where he can be seen going next to this treacherous whirlpool. The rapid rotation of whirlpool in the sea caught the attention of Jacob. So to fill his curiosity about it, Jacob decided to dive near the whirlpool to see what was going on and what was in it.

In the video, the whirlpool can be seen becoming more dangerous as time passes by. Jacob could also be seen diving in the sea to go near to the whirlpool. The camera he was holding only focused on what was happening in the whirlpool at it seems like an underwater tornado.

Fortunately, Jacob was not swept away by the whirlpool due to the force of the impact around it.

A lot of this can happen when we give in to our curiosity. But it has pros and cons. It can give us confidence and motivation to do things we really wanted to do to satisfy our curiosity, but it can also lead us into danger if we do not think carefully before making a decision.

Watch his video below.

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