Julia Barretto may matinding pasabog na inamin sa mga fans niya.

Julia was questioned by G3 San Diego this question: “Would you say you’re in love?”

The actress gave a mere but direct response to the question: “Yeah.”

Rumors began that Julia and Gerald Anderson are seeing each other when the latter’s ex-girlfriend, Bea Alonzo, liked social media posts that denounced Gerald of cheating on her with Julia.

In a video taken at the beach resort of Gerald in Zambales, the online community speculated that the long-haired lady in the video is Julia.

Later on, Julia shared in her social media account to help Gerald promote his beach resort.

Julia Barretto is a famous actress, endorser and vlogger in the Philippines. She is the daughter of former celebrity couple, Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla. The star is rumored to be in a relationship with actor Gerald Anderson and she also used with the actor Joshua Garcia.

In previous reports, Julia stated that she and Joshua will not have a second chance at romance. According to Julia, she and her former partner are moving forward with their lives already.

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