Anak, MINURA ang kanyang OFW na nanay dahil di agad ito nakapagpadala.

Being an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) is never easy. Leaving the country means detachment from family members and be contented with long distance calls, SMS or instant messaging conversations as primary means of communication. It also means depriving oneself of guiding their children and watch them grow for they took care of their employer's children.

These OFWs have no choice but to endure those times they are torn away from their families in order to earn a little bit of money to improve their lives. 

But this OFW experienced the most heart-breaking conversation with her son who cursed at her after she wasn’t able to send him money due to some circumstances.

According to her son, he was already at the ‘shop’ and had promised to pay them that day. 

Here's their conversation: 

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