Jackie Rice tila napagtripang patulan ang mga komento at mensahe ng mga netizens sakaniya!

When you’re scrolling through celebrity's account on social media, it’s not regularly that you see their responses to fans’ comments on their posts. So often, there are a million kids saying “like back” or “first for first” on several of their photos–or, haters telling a lot of negative comments to them. So, it’s not every day we get to see celebrities commenting on a post.

Jackie Rice is one of the most beautiful looks and figures in Philippine showbiz. With her perfect skin and natural appeal.

With that being stated, it can't also be doubted that many guys are going to her and even fantasizing about her.

Sadly, her photos on social media are overwhelmed with mannerless sickening boys who are s3xualizing her virtuality.


It seems like Jackie had enough of these people so she reached up and lambast these boys on the comment section of her account.

As a matter of fact, Jackie has all her wittiness and courage when she shut these guys.

On her Facebook account, she posted a photo of her wearing a one-piece swimsuit.

As expected, the comment section is flooded again by guys who are commenting foul and malicious comments about her body.

With this, Jackie spent some time answering these comments about her.

What can you say about this?

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